Robert P. Currin – Tombstone Inscription

Robert P. Currin Vault

Nashville City Cemetery
Section 8 ID # 80129 (2005)
Section 8 Lot 16 Location: Mulberry (1908 Plat Map)

City Cemetery Lot Card for Section 8 Lot 16
Lot Size 17 x 40.
Deed No. 341. Deed Book 111.
Date Sold July 20, 1854.
Lot Owner: Robert P. Currin

Currin Vault was listed on Charles Marlin’s 1914 List.

The people listed below, from Interment records, were on the Currin Lot Cards, except P.B. Argo and J. B. Snowden.

After 2009 Restoration
Currin Vault
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City Cemetery Interment Books (1846-1979)
City Cemetery opened 1822. Burial records begin 1846.

Argo, P. B.
10-1-1915. Agro, D. B. [sic] Age 68.
Residence: Davidson Co.
Remarks: Remains in Currin Vault – grave on H. S. Argo lot May 1, 1916.

Argo Infant.
6-30-1891. Infant son Residence: City
Remarks: Child of J. C. Argo, this child died Oct. 14, 1888, has been in Currin Vault.

Barner, M. E.
12-2-1862 Barner, M. E. Age 20
Residence: Smithland, Ky.
Remarks: Currin Vault
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Colomb, Christopher, Infant of.
4-29-1867. Infant. Residence: City.
Remarks: child of Christopher Colomb. Curran Vaiult

Colwell, J. F., Infant of.
8-4-1865. Infant. Residence: City
Remarks: child of J.F. Colwell in Currin vault.

Currin, R. P.
8-6-1857. Currin, R. P., remains of. Age 68 Residence: Williamson County, Tn.
Remarks: deposited in the Curren vault.

Duvall, Clabron S.
2-5-1866. Duvall, Clabron S. Age 40 Residence: Ctty
Remarks: in Currin Vault

Horn, E. A.
8-11-1866. Horn, E. A. Age 47 Residence: City
Remarks: in Currin Vault

Richardson, S. A., Mrs.
5-12-1866. Richardson, S. A., Mrs. Age 49 Residence: City Remarks: in Curren Vault

Sevier, Mary Benton
12-2-1929. Sevir, Mary Benton [sic] Age 90 Residence: City Remarks: Mary B. Servier [sic] in Curen Vault

Smith. Martha A.
Interment. 7-5-1864. Smith, Martha A. Age 19 Residence: City
Remarks: Curren Vault

Snowden, J. B.
Interment. 11-15-1876. Snowden, J. B. Residence: City Remarks: Removed from Currin Vault, to lot on Oak

Note on Interment Records: There are gaps in what can be learned from the City Cemetery Interment Books. The Interment Books did not record removals from the City Cemetery nor the re-burials from family graveyards to the City Cemetery. And some interments were not listed in the Interment Books, especially during times of epidemics when there were many daily burials. Other sources, such as church funeral registers, family Bible records and obituaries can be helpful.

CLICK HERE to view the Interment Book records hosted by Metropolitan Government of Nashville and Davidson County, Tennessee.

Note on Vault: According to notations on City Cemetery Lot Card, the Currin Vault was flooded in the 1920s. Removals took place. In 2005, the vault was inspected, during the Restoration project, and found to be empty.

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