Jas. A. McAlister – Tombstone Inscription


McAlister, Jas. A.
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Nashville Banner
Monday Afternoon
April 4, 1904
James A. McAlister



After 2009 Restoration

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Mr. James A. McAlister, perhaps the oldest man in Nashville, died at his rooms in Vauxhall Flats at 7 o’clock this morning from the effects of old age and increased infirmities which the years have brought upon him. Mr. McAlister was one of the most highly esteemed and respected merchants of the city, but retired from active business years ago on account of enfeebled health. He was born in Jonesboro in 1815, and was consequently 91 years of age. He left his native place when quite a young man and located in Franklin, where he clerked for several years. In 1829 he came to Nashville and accepted a position in one of the large cotton commission houses, and later on entered business for himself, opening a commission house at the corner of Broad and College streets, under the firm name of James A. McAlister & Co. His brother, the late Mr. W. K. McAlister, was associated with him in this business, which they conducted successfully for more than forty years.

Mr. McAlister soon took rank with the first merchants of the South, and during his career he entertained the confidence of the entire business community. He was faithful in all of his relations of life, and S. J. Keith, who knew him, perhaps, as well as any man, said of him to-day that he was one of the purest men he had ever known.

He was a merchant of the old school, and for integrity and honesty of purpose and fair dealing no man was his equal.

He never married, but he leaves a number of nephews and nieces, children of his brother, Mr. W. K. McAlister, who loved him, and whom he loved as tenderly as a father could.

He was the uncle of Judge W. K. McAlister of the Supreme Court, Mrs. Margretta Erwin, Mrs. Robert Riddle of this city, and Mrs. Lewis R. Donaldson of Memphis. He was also the uncle of the late Mr. Hill McAlister and Dr. John W. McAlister.

The funeral will take place at 2:30 o’clock to-morrow afternoon, with services at McKendree Church, conducted by Drs. E. B. Chappell, D. C. Kelley and W. M. Anderson. Mr. McAlister had been a member of McKendree Church for more than fifty years, and when he was able he was a regular attendant upon the services and took much interest in church affairs, contributing liberally of his means to the support of the church work.