McNairy Vault – Tombstone Inscriptions

McNairy Vault

Nashville City Cemetery
Section 28.2 ID # 280838 (2005)
Section 28 NE Lot 15 (1908 Plat Map)

McNairy Vault was identified on Charles Marlin’s 1914 List.

City Cemetery Lot Card for Section 28 NE Lot 15
Lot Size: 40 x 25. Cedar Avenue. Listed on the Lot Card:

Alloway, John 1846
Armstrong, Infant of Leroy 1857
Currin, Ann S., Miss 1854
Currin, M., Mrs. 1850
Currin, Maggie A., Miss 1853
Currin, William 1853
Donelson, E. E. 1850
McNairy, Infant 1847
McNairy, John, Dr. 1849
McNairy, N. 1851
McNairy, Nathaniel A. 1854
McNairy, Infant of W. M. 1847
Seckerson, Margaret 1860

After 2008 Restoration
McNairy Vault
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City Cemetery Interment Books (1846-1979)
City Cemetery opened 1822. Burial records begin 1846.
Those identified as interred in the McNairy Vault:.

Alloway, John
9-14-1846 Alloway, John Age 57 Residence: City
Remarks: deposited in McNairy vault

Armstrong, Infant of Leroy
9-16-1857 Armstrong, Infant Residnece: City
Remarks: Infant of Leroy Armstrong, McNairys vault

Currin, Ann S., Miss
7-9-1854 Currin, Ann S., Miss Age 74 Residence: Williamson County
Remarks: McNairy Vault

Currin, M., Mrs.
7-4-1850 Currin, M., Mrs. Age 55 Residence: City Remarks: McNairy vault, wife of R. Currin

Currin, Maggie A., Miss
5-28-1853. Currin, Maggie A., Miss Age 20 Residence: City Remarks: McNairy valt [sic]

Currin, William
5-16-1853 Currin, William Age 25 Residence: Memphis Remarks: McNairy valt [sic]

Donelson, E. E., Mrs.
11-19-1850 Donelson, E. E., Mrs. Residence: City
Remarks: In McNairy Family Vault

Edson, Elizabeth, Miss
4-14-1856 Edson, Elizabeth, Miss Age 74 Residence: Country
Remarks: McNairy vault

Gale, Anna
7-22-1849 Gale, Anna Residence: City
Remarks: McNairy Vault, daughter of W. W. (Gale)

Hamilton, Thos. N.
12-24-1855 Hamilton, Thos. N. Age 24 Residence: City
Remarks: McNairy Vault, son of Andy Hamilton

Loomes, S. H.
7-4-1855 Loomes, S. H. Age 26 Residence: City
Remarks: deposited in McNairy vault

McNairy, Infant
2-18-1847 McNairy Infant daughter Residence: City
Remarks: daughter of William McNairy, Vault

McNairy, Infant
8-3-1847 McNairy Infant daughter Residence: City
Remarks: McNairy Family, Vault

McNairy, John, Dr.
8-19-1849 McNairy, John, Dr. Age 35 Residence: Country
Remarks: Vault

McNairy, N.
9-9-1851 McNairy, N. Residence: City
Remarks: in his vault

McNairy, Nathaniel A.
8-2-1854 McNairy, Nathaniel A. Age 13 Residence: City
Remarks: McNairy Vault

Nicholson, Boyd M.
7-15-1855 Nicholson, Boyd M. Age 56 Residence: Vicinity Remarks: McNairy vault

Nicholson, R. G.
7-17-1855 Nicholson, R. G. Age 46 Residence: Country
Remarks: McNairy Vault

Porter, James
3-22-1853 Porter, James Residence: City
Remarks: McNairy vault

Seckerson, Margaret
5-16-1860 Seckerson, Margaret Age 37 Residence: City
Remarks: McNairy Family Vault

Trabue, Irene McNairy
6-26-1874 Trabue, Irene McNairy Residence: County
Remarks: place in McNairy Family vault

Note on Interment Records: There are gaps in what can be learned from the City Cemetery Interment Books, Interment records did not list removals from the City Cemetery nor the re-burials from family graveyards to the City Cemetery. And some burials were not listed in the Interment Books, during times of epidemics when there were many daily burials. Other sources, such as church funerals, family Bibles and obituaries can be helpful.

Interments. CLICK HERE to view the Interment Book records hosted by Metropolitan Government of Nashville and Davidson County, Tennessee.

Judge John McNairy. Funeral and Burial
Obituary. Monday, November 13, 1837
“… died at his residence, near this city, on Friday evening, age 75 years… Divine services were administered by the Rev. Mr. Wheat, Rector of the Episcopal Church, after which the last solemn rites were performed at the family-burying ground of the deceased.”
To view the entire obituary, CLICK HERE

Christ Church (Episcopal) Burial records begin in 1838.
City Cemetery Interment records begin 1846. At some point, removals from the McNairy family burying-ground to the City Cemetery occurred, including Judge McNairy and probably other family members. As this information is learned, it will be posted on the City Cemetery web site.

Dr. Boyd McNairy. Funeral and Burial.
Christ Church (Episcopal) Church Parish Register
“1856, Nov. 22. Dr. Boyd McNairy Buried at City Cemetery”
His burial was not listed in Interment Books (1846-1979).

Persons with family history, records and obituaries are encouraged to email the City Cemetery at

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