Lipscomb Norvell – Tombstone Inscription

Norvell, Lipscomb

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(Continuation of ObituaryNashville Whig.
March 4, 1843

Although our language of eulogy may supposed to spring from the fountain of filial love –the deceased was the father of the Editor of this paper — and to partake, perhaps, of the natural partiality which a near and very dear relationship inspires, we believe we but speak of him as he was known to and esteemed by his friends and acquaintances, when we say he left to posterity a name for worth and integrity, spotless through life, as it will memorable in death.

After 2009 Restoration

Norvell Lipscomb
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Conscientiously governed by the purest principles of moral right and willing to concede to others that which he claimed for himself, freedom of thought and of action; a consistent believer, though not a bigot in religion; an ever watchful patriot, though not a partisan in politics, his opinion, on all subjects, were characterized in an eminent degree, as his conduct was guided, by the highest sense of honor and moderation. If gentle in his manner and unobtrusive in his intercourse with the world, he yet possessed that spirit of sturdy independence which the memorable scenes through which he passed in early life were so well calculated to enkindle. As he “owed no man” aught in the sense of pecuniary favor, so he was ever reluctant to accept from his country the pension provided by an act of Congress for surviving officers of the Revolution [thisis perhaps a bit of eulogizing by the editor, his son-in-law], believing as he did, that his claims were otherwise satisfied (by bounty lands) as the close of the war.

Notwithstanding this venerable “father in Israel” was spared to a good old age, to a span of years not unusual even in the most favored climes, his Church will lament the surrendering of ancient associations, while his Country will regret in his death, the loss of another of the few remaining links that bind the generation of the present to the “golden age of the past.”

The friends and acquaintance of the late Lipscomb Norvell are invited to attend his funeral this morning, at 10 O’Clock, from the residence of James Walker, Cherry Street. Divine service by the Reverend Mr. Howell.