Obituaries – 1822

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The Whig – 1822

January 2, 1822
Died on Wednesday morning the 26th ultimo, George Albert, son of Mr. Williard Manchester, aged 6 months.


January 2, 1822
Died on Wednesday evening, Mr. William Harper of this town. His remains were interred on Friday with Masonic honors.

January 9, 1822
Died on Saturday morning last, Edmund Cooper, Esq. of this town. On Sunday his remains were interred with Masonic honors.

January 9, 1822
Died on Monday last, Mr. Robert M�Farland of this town.

January 30, 1822
Died on the 22nd, Captain Jacob Dickinson of this county.

February 6, 1822
Died in this town, on Friday last, Miss Mary H. Roane, daughter of the late Judge Roane, of East Tennessee.

February 13, 1822
Died on Wednesday evening last, Mrs. Johanna J. Price, consort of Mr. John Price of this town.

March 6, 1822
Died on Friday morning last, Mrs. Harriett Quinn, consort of Mr. M. H. Quinn, merchant of this town.

March 27, 1822
Obituary – Died – A few weeks since, at Rowland’s, between this place and Knoxville, Mr. Samuel Carswell, an old and respectable merchant of Philadelphia. He had for many years, been severely afflicted with the gout, and was on a journey to this state for the purpose of trying the effects of a southern climate upon his health. It is understood that he was delayed by several painful attacks of his disease, before he reached Mr. Rowland’s, where it became so violent as to terminate his useful life in the course of six or seven days. In the death of Mr. Carswell, society has lost an honest and worthy member and his family has sustained an irreparable misfortune. He emigrated from Ireland at an early period and engaged in mercantile pursuits in the city of Philadelphia with a very moderate capital. By industry and perseverance he acquired an immense fortune, exceeded by few in the United States. To the worthy and enterprising in the profession, he was always found to be accommodating and liberal and never was known to add to his wealth by speculating upon the distresses and misfortunes of his brethren. The merchants of the West and other sections of the union have uniformly recognized in Mr. Carswell a sincere friend and have amply cause to deplore his loss. This is an humble and imperfect tribute to the memory and virtues of this excellent man by a friend who in consequence of absence from this state, has just been made acquainted with the lamentable event.

April 17, 1822
Died on the 9th inst, Captain Alexander Ewing of this county, age 71. He was an officer in the Revolutionary War and one of the first settlers of this county.

April 17, 1822
Died on Wednesday morning last, Doctor Adam Goodlett, Sr. of this county, in the 72nd year of his age.

April 17, 1822
Died on Wednesday last, Georgiana, infant daughter of Mr. John Young, V , of this town.

May 8, 1822
Died on Saturday last at his residence in this neighborhood, Mr. Arthur Redmond, an honest, respectfully and enterprising man.

July 17, 1822
Died – On Friday evening last, Miss Elizabeth Crawford, aged 18 years. She bore her indisposition with Christian fortitude and exhibited those graces of the spirit which most encourage her surviving friends with the hope that she now enjoys that rest that remainth for the people of God.

July 31, 1822
Died – On Sunday evening the 14th instant at his residence in Davidson county, Mr. Martin Greer. He died with a short illness after living a permanent resident in said county about twenty-five years and by diligence and industry, raised to a life in easy circumstances, a respectable family of children. His conduct and deportment through life has been worthy of imitation and such as will afford a heart felt satisfaction to his immediate relations in hours of serious reflection.

August 21, 1822
Died – Suddenly on Saturday morning last, Mrs. Jane Miller, for the last fifteen years a respectable resident of this place. In the death of this lady, her relatives have sustained an irreparable loss, and Christianity a warm advocate. The circumstances attending her death were such as to confirm the truth of the remark, that “in the midst of life we are in death.”

September 11, 1822
Departed this life on Friday night, 7th inst, at her residence, near Nashville, Mrs. Elizabeth Childress, relict of the last John Childress, Esq. Her remains were attended to the grave by a large concourse of weeping friends and relatives whose heartfelt sorrow testified the loss society has sustained in the death of this excellent and accomplished woman.

September 11, 1822
Died – On Monday night last, Maj. Howell Tatum, an officer of the war of the Revolution. His remains were interred yesterday evening by the Nashville Guards with military honors.

October 16, 1822
Died on Wednesday evening last, after a lingering illness, Mrs. Caroline H. Young, consort of Capt. John Young of this town.

November 6, 1822
Died – In this town on Saturday, the 2nd inst., Doctor Aaron Porter Rea (formerly of Portland, Maine) and for several years a resident Physician in Mississippi. The deceased sustained the reputation of an honest man.


November 6, 1822
Died – On the 30th Ult., Mr. Jacob B. Martin of this town, son of Col. William Martin, of Smith county, after an illness of 22 days. The deceased displayed, during his sickness, the same mild resignation and gentleness of conduct which was his peculiar character in life. Not a murmur of complaint escaped his lips. He was highly respected by all who knew him. His moral and correct deportment, applauded by all who thought correctly; and he was a favorite son of his parents. Long will they feel and mourn his loss – for few have such a son.