Obituaries – 1824

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Name Obituary Date Death Date Age
Adams, Elizabeth 9/27/1824 Tuesday last In the 10th year of her age
Binkley, Captain Daniel 8/30/1824
Bloxton, Thomas Mr. 8/23/1824 Saturday Last
Clay, Mr. Woodson 8/23/1824 Tuesday morning last Aged about 27 years
Condon, Mrs. Barbara 8/30/1824
Crainghead, Rev. Thomas B. 9/13/1824 9/11/1824
Donelson, Mrs. Rachel 9/27/1824 9/16/1824
Earle, Austin 9/13/1824 9/10/1824
Edmonson, Thomas Mr. 8/23/1824 8/2/1824
Gamble, Captain Edmund 8/9/1824 Wednesday last
Hamilton, Edward D. 6/21/1824 6/15/1824
Higginbotham, Mrs. Lucretia 7/12/1824 Wednesday last
Hobson, Master William 7/12/1824 Wednesday morning
Hoggatt, Abram S. 8/30/1824
Hoggatt, Captain John 8/2/1824 Wednesday last
Houston, Mr. James B. 5/31/1824 Saturday Last
Johnston, Miss Elizabeth 10/18/1824 1/6/1824 In the ninetheenth year of her age
Love, Henry I., Esq 10/11/1824 10/6/1824 In the 25th year of his age
McLemore, Mr. Nathaniel 1/26/1824 1/4/1824
Menifer, Major William N. 8/23/1824 8/17/1824 In the 27th year of his age
Morison, Mrs. Elizabeth 6/21/1824 On Friday evening last
Snow, Mrs. Hannah 3/8/1824 3/8/1824 In the 43rd year of her age
Spence, Mr. John 12/20/1824 Friday Last
Trimble, James, Esq. 8/9/1824 8/7/1824 In the 45th year of his age
Wharton, George 8/30/1824
Whyte, Miss Lydia 6/21/1824 6/20/1824

Death Notices for 1824 from The Whig

January 26, 1824
Departed this life at his residence in Davidson county, on the 4th inst., Mr. Nathaniel McLemore, late of North Carolina. With those to whom he was best known, he ever sustained the character of an honest man and a good neighbor.

March 8, 1824
OBITUARY – Departed this life, this morning at five o’clock, Mrs. Hannah Snow, consort of Mr. David C. Snow, of this City, in the 43rd year of her age. The friends of the deceased are invited to attend her Funeral at the Methodist Church on to-morrow at 2 o’clock, and from thence to the new burying ground.

May 31, 1824
Died on Saturday last, Mr. James B. Houston, for many years an industrious and respective citizen of this place.

June 21, 1824
Died – On Friday evening last, Mrs. Elizabeth Morison, wife of Mr. Andrew Morison, of this town. A lady highly esteemed by all who knew her, for her many Christian virtues and amiable disposition.

June 21, 1824
Died on the 15th inst, Edward D. Hamilton of this place.

June 21, 1824
Died on yesterday, Miss Lydia Whyte, daughter of Judge Whyte of this place.

July 12, 1824
Died on Wednesday last, Mrs. Lucretia Higginbotham, consort of Doctor R. A. Higginbotham, of this town.

July 12, 1824
Died on Wednesday morning, Master William Hobson, youngest son of the late Captain William Hobson of this county.

August 2, 1824
Died on Wednesday last, Captain John Hoggatt, an officer in the Revolutionary War and one of the oldest and most respectable citizens of Davidson County. On Thursday his remains were interred with Masonic honors.

August 9, 1824
Died on Wednesday last, Captain Edmund Gamble, an officer of the Revolutionary War, and for many years a resident of this county. For the last 25 or 30 years, Captain Gamble had been a public officer of this county and enjoyed the confidence of the community. He was a kind husband, an affectionate father, an indulgent master and an honest man, “the noblest work of God.” On Thursday, his remains were interred with Masonic honors.

August 9, 1824
In this town, on the evening of the 7th inst, James Trimble, Esq, in the 45th year of his age. In his death, society has lost one of its most valued and beloved citizens; and the bar, one of its distinguished members. He discharged all the duties of life with fidelity. As a husband and father, he was kind and affectionate. He was an honest man and died as he lived, a firm believer in the Christian religion, a public profession of which he had made for some years before his death. He was at the time of his death an elder in the Nashville Presbyterian Church. He has left a widow and six children to mourn his loss.

August 23, 1824
Died on the 2nd inst. In this county, Mr. Thomas Edmonson, an early settler of this county, and a participant in the toils of our revolutionary struggle, leaving an amiable family to deplore his loss.

August 23, 1824
Died on Tuesday morning last, at the residence of Nathan Ewing, Esq. in this town, Mr. Woodson Clay, a native of Lunenburg county, Va., aged about 27 years, a young man respected by all who knew him. He was buried on Tuesday evening with Masonic honors.

August 23, 1824
Died on Saturday last, Mr. Thomas Bloxton, a native of Virginia and lately a resident of Philadelphia.

August 23, 1824
Died on Tuesday 17th inst, at his late residence, Major William N. Menifer, in the 27th year of his age. It has become so common for the friends of a deceased person, to eulogize them in public print, (which is one among the few remaining traits in human nature worthy divine origin) that it is much feared, this will only be considered a formal enunciation. But it is far otherwise. The writer of this feels what he writes: he feels that the state has lost a truly valuable citizen; growing more useful each succeeding day, until fate cut short his thread of life; he feels that his county has lost a highly respected officer; he feels, that his associates have lost a sincere and constant friend; that his brothers and sisters, and aged mother, have been deprived of a tender, affectionate and dutiful brother and son! We look around us and confounded, ask ourselves in silent meditation, “Can it be so! And is he, with whom but eight days past, we spent a thoughtless, cheerful hour, now a silent clay-cold corpse? Great God, what an awful beckon this! Permit us to say of the deceased, in the simple language of truth, untinctured with flattery, he lived highly respected and loved by his friends; most esteemed by those with whom best acquainted; that he died universally lamented by his acquaintances, which is amply verified by the tears which flowed, as well from the more hardened and less sympathetic male, as the tender virgin and aged matron – that he was ‘an honest, upright man,’ the noblest work of God.” These reflections should console his friends and relations. On earth, all, all are toils and pains! In heaven, Jesus all glorious and immortal reigns.

August 30, 1824
Died Mrs. Barbara Condon (See copy)

August 30, 1824
Died Abram S. Hoggatt (See copy)

August 30, 1824
Died Captain Daniel Binkley (See copy)

August 30, 1824
Died George Wharton (See copy)

September 13, 1824
Died at his residence near Haysborough in this county, on the morning of the 11th inst., the Rev. Thomas B. Craighead; a man venerable for his years, admired for his talents, beloved for his virtues.

September 13, 1824
Died in this town on Friday the 10th inst., Austin Earle, a native of Massachusetts, but for the last 7 years an industrious citizen of Nashville.

September 27, 1824 (Monday)
Died on the 16th inst., Mrs. Rachel Donelson, wife of Mr. William Donelson, of this county.

September 27, 1824 (Monday)
Died on Tuesday last in the 10th year of her age, Elizabeth Adams, daughter of James Condon, Esq. Of this county.

October 11, 1824
Died at Mansfield, the residence of Chas I. Love, on the 6th day of October, Henry I. Love, Esq. (late of Washington City) in the 25th year of his age. The social virtues and accomplishments of this young gentleman had already endeared him to a large and numerous circle of friends although he had resided in the state only a few months; and one tender friend to whom he had pledged his faith only a few days before his confinement to that bed from which he will to rise no more, is thus a widow ‘ere she had ceased to be a bride. The old and the infirm sink into the grave, and we marvel not! It is the course of nature. The weeds and brambles of society are cut down and withered? Why should they cumber the ground? But where the pride of youth, the opening blossom of manhood, and ripening usefulness are crumbled into dust, Christian faith alone can comprehend the design and Christian fortitune submit with resignation to the event.

October 18, 1824
Communicated. Departed this life, October the third 1824, Miss Elizabeth Johnston, daughter of Robert Johnston, of this county, in the nineteenth year of her age. She retired from the world with peace and tranquility of mind, trusting in God, with the hope of a happy eternity, and left her parents and numerous friends deeply to lament the loss of an obedient and affectionate child.

December 20, 1824
Died on Friday last at his residence, Mr. John Spence, a respective merchant of this place. His remains were interred on Saturday evening with Masonic honors.
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