Obituaries – 1825

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Name Obituary Date Death Date Age
Baird, Mr. John 1/10/1825 1/9/1825 Aged about 50
Barrow, Willie 6/11/1825 Tuesday last In the 55th year of his age
Bren, James 1/31/1825 Tuesday evening last In the 83rd year of his age
Buck, Mr. James 1/31/1825 Wednesday last
Cannon, Mrs. James A. 9/10/1825 Friday evening
Dabbs, Rev’d Richard 6/4/1825 5/21/1825
Fly, Mrs. Nancy 2/14/1825 Friday last
Foster, Anthony 4/9/1825 4/8/1825
Hooper, Captain Joseph 1/10/1825 12/27/1824
Hooper, Mrs. Martha 1/10/1825 12/30/1824
Jamison, Mr. Isaace S. 8/13/1825 8/11/1825 Young Man
Pipkin, Mr. John 12/5/1825 Tuesday last age 22
Robertson, Gen. James 10/10/1825
Sanderson, Robert 1/10/1825 1/7/1825 Young Man
Wilson, Miss Mary F. 2/21/1825 2/17/1825 In the 21st year of her age
Wilson, Mr. Joseph 8/13/1825

Death Notices for 1825 from The Whig

January 10, 1825
Died on Friday the 7th inst., at his residence, Robert Sanderson, of the house of Cowdin & Sanderson, of this place. His remains were on Saturday conducted to the grave, accompanied by all the Military honours which could be bestowed by “the Nashville Guards” ( of which corps he was an officer) together with a large concourse of citizens, joining to pay the last tribute of respect to the memory of a worthy and much beloved young man. He leaves a wife and child to mourn his early loss, as well as other relations, by whom his death will be severely felt and deeply mourned.

January 10, 1825
Died on Sunday morning, the 9th inst., Mr. John Baird, aged about 50, for many years a worthy and much esteemed citizen of this place. His death will create a void in private life, as well as in several public employments, in which he always acted with judgment and correctness. To a bereaved family, consisting of a wife and three children, his loss will present occasion for sincere and heartfelt sorrow.

January 10, 1825
Died on the 27th ult., Captain Joseph Hooper, an officer of the Revolution, and for many years a respectable citizen of this neighborhood.

January 10, 1825
Died on the 30th ult., Mrs. Martha Hooper, consort of Mr. C. V. Hooper, and daughter of the late Captain Hooper.

January 31, 1825
Died on Tuesday evening last, in the 83rd year of his age, James Bren (Bran, Bien), Esq., an office of the Revolutionary army. He was a native of Frederick county, Virginia, but for the last 40 years has been a resident of Davidson county, most of which time he has acted as a justice of the peace.

January 31, 1825
Died on Wednesday last, Mr. James Buck, of this town.

February 14, 1825
Died on Friday last, Mrs. Nancy Fly, consort of Mr. M. Fly of this town.

February 21, 1825
Died on Thursday, the 17th inst. In the 21st year of her age, Miss Mary F. Wilson, daughter of George Wilson, Esq. of this place. To enter into a detail of the many endearing qualities which rendered this amiable young lady the pride of her friends and the beloved of her acquaintances, would require more time and more space than it usually allotted to such occasions. But a few weeks since, we knew her in all the bloom of youthful health and innocence adorned by those rare qualities of mind and disposition, which served to make her the delight of a widowed father and the interesting associate of numerous friends – now she rests in the silent tomb, free from all the perplexing cares of life and its attendants!

April 9, 1825
Died near this place on Friday the 8th inst, Anthony Foster, one of the earliest and most worthy and respected inhabitants of Nashville.

June 4, 1825
COMMUNICATED – Died, Rev’d Richard Dabbs (See Copy)

June 11, 1825
Died at his residence in this place, on Tuesday last, in the 55th year of his age, Willie Barrow, who has been long known as one of our most worthy and respectable citizens. His remains were interred on the succeeding day, with Masonic honours, accompanied by a large concourse of sorrowing friends. The disease which deprived us thus suddenly of one of our most valued fellow-citizen was a carbuncle, or substance which came on the back of his head and neck; after its first appearance, it increased rapidly and defied all the skill of surgery or power of medicine.

August 13, 1825
Died on Thursday the 11th inst., Mr. Isaace S. Jamison, student of medicine. The deceased was a young man, much esteemed for his correct deportment. Educated and intelligent, he was modest and unassuming. Among his associates, he was beloved and highly respected by all.

August 13, 1825
Died this morning, Mr. Joseph Wilson, son of Col. Wilson, editor of the Gazette.

September 10, 1825
Died on Friday evening, Mrs. Cannon, wife of James A. Cannon, of a pulmonary disease of long standing.

October 10, 1825
The remains of the late Gen. James Robertson, having been removed from the Chickasaw Agency, will be interred with Masonic honors on Saturday, 15th inst at 10 o’clock a. m. in the public burying ground. A discourse will be delivered on the occasion in the Presbyterian Church by Judge Haywood.

December 5, 1825
Died on Tuesday last, Mr. John Pipkin, age 22, son of Col. P. Pipkin of this county.


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