Obituaries – 1826

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Name Obituary Date Death Date Age
Bond, Mr. William 8/26/1826 8/10/1826  
Chapman, Mr. Samuel 9/23/1826 Thursday last Aged 70
Cowgill, John Milton 6/24/1826   Aged 15
Demumbrane, Capt. Timothy 11/4/1826 Monday evening last  
Dunham, William H. 2/18/1826    
Erwin, Robert W. 8/26/1826 8/19/1826 Aged 1 year
Ewing, Dr. John O. 3/4/1826 Monday evening  
Haywood, Honorable John 12/23/1826 12/22/1826 In the 66th year of his age
Kirkman, Thomas 4/8/1826 4/7/1826 In the 47th year of his age
Knox, James 3/4/1826 Sunday morning last  
Maxwell, Capt. James 4/1/1826 3/30/1826  
Minn, Mrs. M. 8/26/1826    
M’Iver, Mrs. Elizabeth 4/1/1826 3/29/1826  
Parker, Mrs. Ann 10/28/1826 Friday morning last In her 30th year
Peticolas, Adolphus 9/23/1826   Infant son
Sittler, Col. James W. 2/11/1826    
Thornton, Dr. Reuben L. 7/29/1826   Aged 62
Walker, Mr. Nicholas T. 6/24/1826 6/23/1826  
Whittamore, Clement 3/18/1826 1/25/1826 Aged 76 years
Williams, Henry 7/29/1826   Aged 11 years

The Nashville Whig – 1826

February 11, 1826
Died Col. James W. Sittler (See copy)

February 18, 1826
Died near Nashville, William H. Dunham, son o Daniel A. Dunham, one of our most respectful fellow citizens.

March 4, 1826
Died on Sunday morning last at his residence, James Knox, merchant of this place, after an illness of only three days. The disease was the prevailing influenza, increased by great exposure.

March 4, 1826
Died on Monday evening, Dr. John O. Ewing, son of Nathan Ewing, and a highly respectable Physician of this place. His disease was the influenza, accompanied with an attack of fever.

March 18, 1826
Died on the 25th January at his residence in Davidson Co., Clement Whittamore, formerly of Rockingham Co., North Carolina, aged 76 years, having been confined to his bed by the gout for the last fifteen years. The heirs of Clement Whittamore, deceased, resident in North Carolina or elsewhere.

April 1, 1826
Died on Thursday morning the 30th ult. Capt. James Maxwell, one of the oldest and most respectable of our fellow citizens – one of the first Legislators and early Soldiers of this state.

April 1, 1826
Died on the 29th, Mrs. Elizabeth M�Iver, wife of Evander M�Iver, and daughter of William. Williams, Esq., of this county. She was married only two weeks since, was taken ill of the prevailing influenza on the succeeding day and thus early exchanged the joys and cares of life, for the sleep of death.

April 8, 1826
Died Thomas Kirkman (See copy)

Nashville Banner and Nashville Whig

June 24, 1826
Died in this county yesterday, Mr. Nicholas T. Walker, having been found dead, suspended to a tree.

June 24, 1826
Died also in this county, John Milton Cowgill, aged 15, killed in a saw mill.

July 29, 1826
Died in this county, Dr. Reuben L. Thornton, aged 62.

July 29, 1826
Died Henry Williams, aged 11 years, eldest son of William Williams, Esq.

August 26, 1826
Died on Saturday 19th inst., Robert W., infant son of John P. Erwin, aged one year.

August 26, 1826
Died in this town, Mrs. M. Minn, wife of Mr. Robert M. Minn.

August 26, 1826
Died in this county, at the residence of Mrs. Dickinson on the 10th inst, after a short illness, Mr. William Bond of Maryland. He was of unexceptionable character and much esteemed by all those who knew him.

September 23, 1826
Died in this county on Thursday last, Mr. Samuel Chapman, aged 70. He was an officer of the Revolution. His remains were this morning interred with Masonic honors.

September 23, 1826
Died in this town, Adolphus, infant son of Mr. T. V. Peticolas.

October 28, 1826
Died in this town on Friday morning last, Mrs. Ann Parker, in her 30th year. She was a native of Philadelphia and for the last three years attached to Mr. Caldwell�s Company.

November 4, 1826
Died in this town on Monday evening last, Capt. Timothy Demumbrane, a venerable citizen of Nashville and the first white man who ever emigrated to this vicinity.

December 23, 1826
Died last night at his residence in this county, Honorable John Haywood, Judge of the Supreme Court of Tennessee, in the 66th year of his age.

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