Obituaries – 1831

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Name Obituary Date Death Date Age
Gunning, Major John 4/22/1831    
King, Mrs. Sarah K. 4/22/1831 4/18/1831  
Roane, Mrs. Ann 4/22/1831    


April 22, 1831
Died in this town at the residence of her son, Dr. James Roane, Mrs. Ann Roane, widow of the late Judge Roane.

April 22, 1831
Died in this town, Major John Gunning. The circumstances of his death were truly distressing. In a feeble state, he went into the stable of Mr. Thomas Alderson where he was kicked, knocked down and trampled upon by a horse in such a manner as to be shockingly bruised and mangled to cause his speedy death.

April 22, 1831
Died at her residence in this county on the 18th inst., Mrs. Sarah K. King, late consort of William King, aged 24. She has left a found and doating husband and three small children to mourn an irreparable loss; but the grief stops not here. Her neighbors also feel the shock most deeply for by them, too, she was beloved and esteemed. The writer of this obituary has had the pleasure of a long and intimate acquaintance with the deceased and can honestly say that she was a lady of truly generous and virtuous feelings, a correct, well regulated mind. She combined the highly commendable qualities of a faithful, obedient and loving wife – a strict, though indulgent mother. Her friends and relations will fondly cherish the recollections of her social virtues and qualities.

“Could love, affection, friendship, all the known have stay’d.
She had not in the cold and silent tomb been laid.
But ah! Alas! What power on earth can stand.
The Fiat when issued from the Almighty hand.
She’s gone, the honest, virtuous fair one’s dead.
Her soul to regions far away has sped.
Her numerous friends are left to mourn their loss.
They may repine, yet submit they must – endure the cross.”