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Obituary Date
Death Date
in the 43rd year of her age
in the 37th year of her life
aged 94
just nineteen months and twenty-six days old
in the sixth year of her age
aged upwards of 75 years
aged fifteen months
infant daughter
infant daughter
in the 22nd year of his age
aged 37 years
aged 48
in the 7th year of his age
aged 13 months
aged one year
in the 61 year of her age
aged upwards of 80 years
aged 63
aged 13 years and 4 months
Sunday last
aged twelve years
in the sixth year of her age


Deaths for 1834 from the National Banner and Nashville Daily Advertiser

January 6, 1834
Died in this city on Tuesday, December 31, Mr. Addison East, an old and respectable citizen.

January 6, 1834
Died on Sunday, January 5, Mrs. Anne Levin, consort of L. C. Levin, Esquire. We hope some friend of this highly amiable, gifted lady will furnish us with something more than a passing obituary notice. Our aquaintance was too limited to enable us to do justice to the subject ourselves.

January 14, 1834
Died after a protracted illness, on Thursday, the 9th instant at the residence of Mr. John Burgess in this county, Mrs. Rebecca McAlpin, consort of R. C. McAlpin, Esquire of Memphis, Tennessee.

January 30, 1834
Died in this town on the 28th instant, Mrs. Harriet Nichol, wife of Mr. John Nichol.

January 30, 1834
Died in this town on the 28th instant, Albert Gallatin, son of Daniel McIntosh, in the 7th year of his age.

February 20, 1834
Obituary. George Bickham Pitts was born in Georgetown, Kentucky on the 25th January, 1805 and died at the residence of his brother, F. E. Pitts, in this place on the 27th instant. He was by occupation a printer. He requested that it might be told to all his acquaintances that he left the world in peace and in bright prospect of immortal felicity.

March 11, 1834
Died in this city on the night of the 10th instant, Mrs. Murpo, wife of Mr. B. Murpo.

March 22, 1834
Died in this city on the 17th instant, Mr. James H. Wallace. On the 20th instant, Mr. Joseph Parks.

March 28, 1834
Died in the vicinity of this city on the night of the 26th instant, Captain John Rains, aged upwards of 80 years. Captain Rains was one of the pioneers of the West, one of the earliest emigrants to this part of Tennessee and as a soldier and citizen, bore an honorable and conspicuous share in all the toils and privations incident to the early settlement of the country.

March 29, 1834
Died at her residence in this county on the 26th instant, Mrs. Elizabeth Pugh in the 61 year of her age.

March 31, 1834
Died in this city on the 27th instant, Mrs. Hazell, the relict of one of the first victims of the cholera in this city during it prevalence here last year.

April 4, 1834
Communicated. Died in this city on the 29th ultimo, William Chauvin, aged upwards of 75 years, after a painful and lingering illness which he bore with the resignation and Christian fortitude of a philosopher. Mr. Chauvin was a native of the village of Sacey, near Pontorson in the ancient Duchy of Normandy, France and emigrated to the United States about the close of the Revolutionary war. He landed in this country at New York whence he removed to Virginia where he resided some years. From thence he removed to Georgia where he resided near thirty years, esteemed by all who knew him as an industrious and honest man. He removed to this city about seven or eight years ago and during his residence and up to the time of his death, has been esteemed as a man of strict honor and probity. He became naturalized soon after his arrival in the United States and during his whole life manifested the warmest attachment to the Government of the country of his adoption. He has now descended to the grave full of years and beloved by all who knew him. May he rest in peace.

April 7, 1834
Died in this county on Sunday, 6th April, suddenly, Mr. Eli Fields of Nashville, a good citizen and a respectable and industrious man.

April 16, 1834
Died at White Creek Springs in Davidson county on the morning of Tuesday, 16th April, Mr. Paul Shirley, a highly respected and intelligent merchant of Nashville. Funeral from his dwelling, corner of Vine and Spring streets, tomorrow at 2 o’clock.

April 17, 1834 (Thursday)
Died in this town on Sunday last, Martha Ann, aged twelve years, daughter of Mr. D. L. Thompson.

May 12, 1834
Died in Davidson County, Tennessee, Mr. George Becton, aged 94, a soldier of the Revolution and for about fifty years an orderly member of the Baptist Church.

June 2, 1834
Died in Jones’ Bend, Mr. Alexander Donelson (see copy)

June 7, 1834
Departed this life, Mrs. Eliza C. Gresham (see copy)

June 11, 1834
Departed this life, Margarett Armstrong Cantrell (see copy)

June 21, 1834
Died in this place, John H. Smith, late merchant.

June 30, 1834
Died in this city, Mrs. Margaret Armstrong (see copy)

July 16, 1834
Died in this vicinity at nine o’clock this morning (16th instant), Mrs. Mary McGavock, wife of Mr.David McGavock, aged 48.

July 21, 1834
Died on Saturday, 18th instant at his residence, eight miles from this city, Mr. Thomas B. Spain, aged 63.

July 24, 1834
Died in the vicinity of the city on the 22nd instant, George, infant son of George C. Childeress, Esquire, aged fifteen months.

July 29, 1834
Died on the 28th instant after a distressing illness of several months, James Nelson Speece, Printer. Memory of the Departed. It is requested that the Members of the Nashville typographical Society wear crape on the left arm for thirty days in honor to the member of James Nelson Speece. By order John V. Cowardin, Secretary.

July 29, 1834
Died in Franklin, Tennessee at the residence of Colonel B. S. Tappan, Mr. John S. Wood, of Mississippi, a native of Nashville.

August 1, 1834
Died in Davidson County on the 16th July, Mrs. Martha W. Jones, lady of Berthier Jones of Memphis.

August 12, 1834
Died in this city on the 11th instant, Harriet, infant daughter of Mr. Isham and Mrs. Harriet Dyer.

August 19, 1834
Died in this city on the 15th instant, Mrs. Catherine Robertson, relict of the late Duncan Robertson, Esquire.

August 25, 1834
Died in this city on the 24th instant, Emma Erwin, infant daughter of John P. Erwin, Esquire.

August 25, 1834
Communicated. Died in this city on the 24th instant after a lingering illness, Mr. Jasper Anderson, of the firm of Crockett, Anderson & Company. Although there is no relict, child or parent to lament his early death, his loss is sincerely regretted and his memory shall long be cherished by his relatives and as many as knew him to whom his sincerity and firmness in friendship, his honesty of purpose, integrity of conduct and amiability of disposition, greatly endeared him. In him the community has lost a citizen of far more than ordinary mind whose energies were ever devoted to useful and laudable purposes.

September 1, 1834
Died in this city, William Eastham (see copy)

September 1, 1834
Died on the 29th August, William G. Spain (see copy)

September 2, 1834
Died on the 29th instant, Eliza Bradford Walsh (see copy)

September 6, 1834
Died in this city at the residence of Dr. B. McNairy, at 3 o’clock on the morning of the 5th instant of pulmonary consumption, Mr. James H. Hurst of Philadelphia in the 22nd year of his age. He had been in this city about two months under the kind and careful superintendence of the friend at whose house he died. He visited the West by the advice of his physicians, hoping thereby to impove his rapidly declining health. He was interred on the afternoon of the same day, the funeral service having been performed by the Rev. Mr. Waller of the Episcopal Church.

September 11, 1834
Died in Davidson County, Miss Jane Swan.

September 22, 1834
Died in this city on the 19th instant, James M., son of Mr. Isaac Paul, aged 13 months.

September 22, 1834
Commuunicated. Departed this life in Nashville on Sunday morning the 21st instant, Mr. William Keys, Saddler, a native of North of Ireland, aged 37 years. Mr. Keys has resided in Nashville for many years and has always sustained the character of an honest and amiable man, a quiet and unpretending citizen and an excellent neighbor. He bore with exemplary patience the long and painful inroads of consumption and when at last he fell a victim to this prime minister of Death, he resigned with cheerfulness his spirit to God who gave it. We can say, as a neighbor who knew him well, that he lived a life of honest industry and died the death of a Christian.

September 29, 1834
Died at Gallatin on the 26th instant, Dixon Allen, Esquire of this city (see copy)

September 29, 1834
Died in this vicinity on the 26th September, William, infant son of Major and Mrs. John Boyd. This promising little child was but just nineteen months and twenty-sixth days old when a wise Providence thought proper thus to take him from his parents to plant him in a more congenial soil.

September 29, 1834
Died in this city on the 26th September, Mrs. Sarah, wife of Major Henry R. Cartmell.

October 3, 1834
Died in Davidson County on the 30th September after a protracted illness of three weeks, Miss Sarah F. Stratton, daughter of Thomas and Elizabeth Stratton.

October 15, 1834
Communicated. Died on Wednesday last, 8th instant, Mrs. Lydia Alley, wife of Micajah Alley of this city, in the 43rd year of her age. The deceased was a native of Lynn, Massachusetts and removed to this place last spring in bad health, which had attended her for the last four years, and had become so seated that change of climate nor the best medical skill could not remove it. By the few friends who had become acquainted with Mrs. Alley, her memory will long be cherished. She was a dutiful daughter, an affectionate wife and kind exemplary mother, a sincere Christian of the Unitarian faith and when informed that nothing could be done for her recovery, she calmly replied that she trusted in her Maker and resigned herself to his goodness and disposal.

October 20, 1834
Died on the 14th instant, Colonel Oglesby Scruggs of the city, late of Virginia.

October 31, 1834
Died in Nashville on the 20th October instant, Matthew Barrow Pilcher, only child of Merritt S. and Nancy P., aged one year.


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