Obituaries – 1849

Please note that the listings here are only for obituaries that have been found to date. It does not include all those that are listed with readable inscriptions; therefore, we have not yet cross-referenced them to the tombstone pages. Please use the search feature to locate those listed in both directories.
Obituaries 1849
Name Obituary Date Death Date Age
Alderson, N. B. 7/10/1849
Anderson, N. S. 8/23/1849
Austin, Sarah E. 7/12/1849 7/7/1849
Bass, Mrs. Susan 6/12/1849 & 6/14/1849
Berry, Mr. J. G 6/12/1849
Blake, Mrs. Mary 6/21/1849 6/20/1849
Bradley, John 3/29/1849 3/19/1849
Campbell, Mrs. Harriet 7/17/1849 in the 61st year of her age
Carson, Mr. N. D. 3/24/1849 & 3/22/1849 Wed. morn.
Cobb, Martha T. 6/23/1849 6/16/1849 4
Conley, Mrs. Elizabeth 7/12/1849 7/7/1849
Davis, Mr. William 7/3/1849 7/1/1849 aged 51 years
Eakin, William 8/11/1849 & 8/18/1849 8/8/1849
Ellis, Mary 7/19/1849 7/17/1849 age 2
Erskine, Thomas W. 5/26/1849
Fleming, John McKnight 6/21/1849 6/13/1849 aged 7 years
Fleming, Thomas S. 6/21/1849 6/15/1849 33 years
Ford, A. J. 3/29/1849 3/20/1849
Freeman, Mrs. Matilda 6/26/1849
Gales, Anna 7/31/1849
Glass, David 12/29/1849 12/26/1849 aged about 25 years
Green, Mrs. R. A. 3/29/1849 3/19/1849
Greer, Mrs. Mary 5/22/1849 5/19/1849 83 years and 11 months
Hamilton, James 6/26/1849
Hamilton, Professor 6/23/1849
Hanna (Hannah?), John 8/18/1849
Hawkins, Mrs. E. M. 6/19/1849 6/15/1849
Hicks, Charles 5/31/1849 28
Hillman, Mrs. Elizabeth 3/22/1849 3/18/1849
Huntingdon, Mrs. 6/12/1849
Hynes, Col. Andrew 1/23/1849
Jones, Reuben 6/26/1849
Jost, Thomas 3/29/1849 3/18/1849
Leake, Martha Jane 3/9/1849 3/8/1849
Marshall infant 7/19/1849 1 year
Mary – slave of A. A. Adams 7/19/1849 aged 16
McFarland, Mrs. Frances 6/5/1849 Sat. morn
McNairy, Dr. John S. 9/1/1849
Mimmick, Mrs. Ann 3/5/1849 3/4/1849
Nemmerfel, William 7/17/1849 Sat. night
Ramsey, Mrs. Susan P. 1/20/1849 Thurs. morn. Last
Raymond, Nelson 3/17/1849
Robertson, Mr. John 3/17/1849 & 3/22/1849 3/16/1849 aged about 39 years
Sellick, Sarah Work 6/12/1849 Sat. last
Shields, Mrs. Susan A. 11/8/1849
Smith, Thomas 3/29/1849 3/18/1849
Stevens, Mrs. Elizabeth 6/19/1849 6/11/1849
Trabue, Mrs. Agnes G. 3/13/1849 3/12/1849
Watson, Mrs. Susan 6/12/1849
White, Charles 6/12/1849
Wynne, Mr. Albert H. 8/11/1849
Yeatman, Walker 3/22/1849 & 3/24/1849
Death notices from The Nashville True Whig for 1849
January 20, 1849 Died on Thursday morning last, Mrs. Susan P. Ramsey, wife of Col. W. B. A. Ramsey, secretary of the state and daughter of the late Judge Trimble. January 23, 1849 Col. Andrew Hynes (see copy of death notice)
March 13, 1849 Died yesterday morning, Mrs. Agnes G. Trabue. (see copy of death notice)
March 17, 1849 Nelson Raymond (see copy of death notice)
March 17, 1849 Died on yesterday afternoon in this city, Mr. John Robertson, aged about 39 years, only son of the late Duncan Robertson.
March 22, 1849 Tribute of respect for John H. Robertson (see copy of death notice)
March 22, 1849 Died on Sunday night the 18th instant, Mrs. Elizabeth M. Hillman, wife of Charles E. Hillman of the city. She had suffered many months from a painful and protracted disease which she sustained with patience and meekness and died full of the Christian’s hope and confidence in the future.
March 22, 1849 Died, a Mr. Ford (this is probably A. J. Ford, (see copy of death notice)
March 22, 1849 Died in the city on the 20th instant, Walker Yeatman.
March 24, 1849 Died on the 22nd inst. Walker Yeatman (see copy of death notice)
March 24, 1849 Cholera – Upon enquiring yesterday, we learned there were then several new cases of cholera. There have been no deaths, however, since that of Mr. N. D. Carson, late of the firm of McCombs and Carson, Cabinet Makers, on Wednesday morning. Mr. Carson was a most industrious, exemplary and respectable citizen and his death has been generally lamented. (see copy of death notice) March 29, 1849 Deaths of Thomas Smith, 18th, Thomas Jost, 18th, Mrs. R. A. Green, 19th, A. J. Ford, 20th, John Bradley, 19th (Charles Hicks (28), died May 31, 1849) (see copy of death notice). May 22, 1849 Died in the city on Saturday the 19th inst., Mrs. Mary Greer at the age of 83 years and 11 months. May 26, 1849 Thomas W. Erskine – tribute of respect (see copy of death notice)
June 2, 1849 (Saturday) Since four o’clock Thursday last, we have heard of but one death from cholera – Mr. Hicks. We heard of no new cases yesterday.
June 2, 1849 Interments – There was in this month ending four o’clock yesterday, 60 interments, 32 cholera, 3 off the river. Of the above 15 were infants – whites, 40; blacks, 20. (this was probably for the month of May)
June 5, 1849 Died in this city of consumption, on Saturday morning, Mrs. Frances McFarland. June 12, 1849 Died; Mrs. Susan Watson, Charles White, Sarah Work (daughter of A. H. Sellick), Mrs. Huntingdon, Mrs. Susan Bass. (see copy of original notice)
June 12, 1849 Died Mr. J. G. Berry (see copy of death notice)
June 14, 1849 Died, Mrs. Susan H. Bass (see copy of death notice)
June 19, 1849 Died on Monday, 11th, Mrs. Elizabeth Stevens Died on Friday, Mrs. E. M. Hawkins (see copy of death notice) June 21, 1849 On the 15th instant, Thomas S. Fleming, 33 years. He was a native of Scotland, County of Galloway and migrated to this country in 1842. June 21, 1849 Died on yesterday evening, Mrs. Mary Blake, consort of N. O. Blake. The friends of the family are invited to attend her funeral this morning at 10 o’clock from her late residence on summer street. Raleigh, N. C. papers please copy. June 21, 1849 Died of cholera on the 13th instant, John McKnight, son of T. S. and Elizabeth Fleming, aged 7 years.
June 23, 1849 Died , Professor Hamilton (see copy of notice)
June 26, 1849 Died; Mrs. Matilda Freeman and Reuben Jones (see copy of notice)
June 26, 1849 Tribute of respect for James Hamilton (see copy)
July 3, 1849 Died in this city on Sunday the first instant, Mr. William Davis, aged 51 years, formerly of Williamson County.
July 10, 1849 N. B. Alderson – tribute of respect – Nashville Fire Co. (see copy)
July 12, 1849 Died in this vicinity on the 9th instant, Sarah E. Austin, oldest daughter of the late John Austin. (see copy)
July 12, 1849 Died in this city on the 7th instant, Mrs. Elizabeth, wife of J.B. Conley. July 17, 1849 Dead – It will be seen by reference to the list of interments, in another column, that William Nemmerfel, stabbed by Richter (a barber working with C. A. Breast) with a cane sword in an affray on Saturday night, has died. Richter, we understand, is in jail – committed for want of bail. July 19, 1849 (Thursday) Died on Tuesday last, Mary, daughter of MRS. Ellis, age 2, inflammation of the brain. July 19, 1849 (Thursday) Died, infant daughter of F. Marshall – 1 year, teething. July 19, 1849 (Thursday) Died, Mary, slave of A. A. Adams, aged 16 – cholera.
July 31, 1849 Infants called home – Anna Gales (see copy)
August 11, 1849 Death of William Eakin – We regret to hear of the death of Mr. William Eakin, of the firm of W & T Eakin & co. In this city. He died at the Mammoth Cave, Ky on Wednesday, the 8th instant. He will be deeply regretted as an active and valuable member of the business community and a kind, courteous, amiable gentleman. (see copy)
AUGUST 11, 1849 Funeral sermon – the Rev. Dr. A. L. P. Green will preach the funeral sermon of the late Mr. Albert H. Wynne at the McKendree Church tomorrow at 10 o’clock.
August 18, 1849 The late William Eakin (see copy)
August 18, 1849 Obit for John Hanna (John Hannah (70) in book) (see copy of death notice)
August 23, 1849 Death of N. S. Anderson (see copy of death notice)
August 23, 1849 Nashville Fire Company, No. 1. you are hereby notified to hold yourself in readiness at the engine house this morning to attend the funeral of N. S. Anderson. Uniform to be red shirts and white pants. By order of the Captain. August 23. W. A. Glenn, secretary  (see copy of death notice)
September 1, 1849 Dr. John S. Mcnairy – tribute of respect (see copy)
Mrs. Susan A. Shields (I believe this is Mrs. T. A. Shields in the book) – obituary (see copy of death notice) December 29, 1849 Died at the hospital of Sisters of Charity, on the morning of the 26th instant of inflammation of the stomach, David Glass of Dickson County, Tennessee, aged about 25 years.
Death notices from the Nashville Republican Banner – 1849 March 5, 1849, Nashville Republican Banner Died on yesterday morning, Mrs. Ann Mimmick, an aged and highly esteemed resident. Her funeral will take place from the Episcopal Church at 2 o’clock this afternoon.
March 9, 1849, Nashville Republican Banner Died on yesterday morning, Martha Jane, daughter of James L. and Frances A. Leake. The funeral will take place from the Second Baptist Church today at 12 o’clock. Divine service by Rev. J. R. Graves. Click on images of these pages below to see enlargements