Obituaries – 1856

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Name Obituary Date Death Date Age
Barry, Mrs. Nancy 1/3/1856 1/2/1856 in the 68th year of her age
Claiborne, Thomas 1/10/1856
Eichbaum, D. Stearns 11/9/1856
Fall, Alice Louise 1/4/1856 12/30/1855 eight years, eight months, and ten days
Farquharson, Robert Esq. 7/1/1856 6/28/1856 in the 80th year of his age
Frizer, Mrs. 10/21/1856 & 10/24/1856
Garner, Nathan E. 7/29/1856
Gilchrist, Mrs. Francis A. 4/5/1856
Gilman, Henry C. 5/11/1856
Glaze, Jacob 4/10/1856
Gray, Thomas 10/4/1856
Harrison 5/5/1856
Herbert, Willie Win Bosom 5/15/1856 5/12/1856 aged four months
Humphrey, Mary Margaret 1/13/1856 1/4/1856 infant daughter
Kincaid, Louis 7/16/1856 little son
M’Alister, Mrs. Frances R. 5/28/1856
Marling, Hon John S. 10/17/1856
Morgan, Susan Fuller 12/9/1856 12/7/1856 infant daughter
Norvell, Mrs. Hannahretta 11/11/1856
Pacaud, William 9/6/1856
Porter, Dr. Robert M. 7/4/1856
Spotswood, J. F. 2/12/1856
Taylor, George 10/21/1856
Vance, Mr. Thomas Murray 10/19/1856
Vaulx, Bolling 11/8/1856 11/7/1856 infant son
Wells, Mrs. Elizabeth M. 10/8/1856 10/4/1856 in the 33 year of her age
West, William E., Jr. 12/14/1856 12/12/1856 aged 37 years
Wharton, C. J. P. 3/23/1856 & 3/26/1856 3/22/1856
Woodson, Philip S. 5/5/1856

January 3, 1856
OBITUARY – Mrs. Nancy Barry, the venerable wife of our aged friend, W. L. Barry, departed this life yesterday in Todd County, Ky, whither she had gone on a visit to her sister. Mrs. Barry was in the 68th year of her age. She had been a member of the Methodist Church for a quarter century past and was a pious christian who always endeavored so to live as to let the light of her example be felt, and to make sure of the rich reward which she has, full of years, gone to reap. She died away from her children and from the husband to whom she gave her heart in her early years and with whom she took life’s path for more than forty years. To the former the loss is great but how much greater to the old man almost on the verge of the grave, this sudden sundering of the ties which so long bound him to the ever loved partner of his bosom. May God in his mercy give him consolation and enable him to meet her in that land where moth doth not corrupt and sorrow is not felt.

January 4, 1856
IN MEMORIAM – Died on Sunday, 30th inst, of membranous croup, Alice Louise, youngest daughter of Alexander and Elizabeth Fall, aged eight years, eight months and ten days. Gentle, modest and intelligent, little Alice was the pride and darling of the home circle, which has been thus deprived of so bright an ornament, just as the graces of mind and person were being developed to the delight of all who knew her. “Whom God loves die young” was said by wise men of old and in the death of this beloved child, we see too plainly its truth. Gifted with those amiable qualities which rendered her so interesting to all, she was more particularly endeared to those to whom her loss is so severely felt. Hushed forever is the music of that voice which so oft gladened the hearts of her parents and stilled in death, the echo of her footsteps. But while we mourn her untimely loss, we are not without hope, for the Saviour has said “suffer little children to come unto me and forbid them not, for of such is the kingdom of heaven.”

January 10, 1856
Death of Thomas Claiborne (See Obituary on page 86)

January 13, 1856
Died in this place, Friday, 4th inst, Mary Margaret, infant daughter of Mr. J. Humphrey.

February 12, 1856
Killed – J. F. Spotswood (See Copy on page 86)

March 23, 1856 (Sunday)
Died at his residence in this city yesterday morning at 6 o’clock, C. J. P.Wharton. His funeral will take place from the Third Presbyterian Church this Sunday evening at 3 o’clock.

March 25, 1856
Died in this city yesterday, Ida, daughter of Thomas A. and Henrietta McCall, aged 2 years, 4 months and 11 days. The friends of the deceased are invited to attend the funeral this Tuesday evening from their residence, No. 27, South High Street.

March 26, 1856
Obituary for C. J. Fox Wharton (See Copy on page 86)

April 5, 1856
Death of Mrs. Francis A. Gilchrist (See Death notice on page 86)

April 10, 1856
Accident – Jacob Glaze (See Copy on page 86)

May 5, 1856
Fatal Affray – Harrison (See Copy on page 86)

May 5, 1856
Obituary for Philip S. Woodson (See Obituary on page 89)

May 11, 1856
The friends and acquaintances of Maj. Timothy W.Gilman are invited to attend the funeral of his son, Henry C. Gilman at 10 o’clock, a. m. this morning from the residence of Charles F. Wright on Cherry Street, opposite Love’s store.

May 15, 1856
Died on the 12th inst, Willie Win Bosom, infant son of E. A. And A. H. Herbert, aged four months.

May 28, 1856
The friends and acquaintances of W. K. McAlister are invited to attend the funeral of his wife, Frances R. McAlister, this Wednesday evening at 5 o’clock from his residence on McGavock Street. Divine service by Rev. C. D. Elliott.

July 1, 1856
Died in this city on the 28th inst of apoplexy, Robert Farquharson, Esq., in the 80th year of his age.

July 4, 1856
Tribute of Respect to the Late Dr. Robert M. Porter (see copy on page 88)

July 16, 1856
Homicide -Louis Kincaid (See Copy on page 89) (He is listed as S. C. Kincaid in the Cemetery Book but the microfilm reads “killed by James Taylor, buried Cherry Street.”)

July 29, 1856
Distressing Occurrence – Nathan E. Garner (See copy on page 89)

September 6, 1856
Another victim – Concealed Weapons – William Pacaud (See copy on page 90)

October 4, 1856
Man Found Dead – Thomas Gray (See copy on page 89)

October 8, 1856
Died in the city on the night of the 4th inst, Mrs. Elizabeth M., wife of Thomas Wells, in the 33 year of her age.

October 17, 1856
Obituary of Hon John S. Marling (See Obituary and Death Notice on page 91)

October 19, 1856
Died Mr. Thomas Murray Vance (See death notice on page 91)

October 21, 1856
Sudden Death – Suspicious Circumstances – Mrs. Frizer, wife of Frederick Frizer (See Copy on page 91) (This may be Mary Feysel (46) who died October 20, 1856 and is buried in the City Cemetery.)

October 21, 1856
Manslaughter – George Taylor (See copy on page 91)

October 24, 1856
Discharged – Frederick Frizer (See copy on page 91) (I believe this may be Mary Feysel (46) listed in the Cemetery book. Cause of death on the microfilm reads unknown. She is buried on Maple Street.)

November 8, 1856
Died on Friday morning the 7th inst, Bolling, infant son of Mr. Joseph Vaulx of this vicinity. The friends and acquaintances of the family are invited to attend the funeral from the residence of Mr. Vaulx on the Franklin Turnpike.

November 9, 1856
The friends of William A. and C. M. Eichbaum are requested at attend the funeral of their son, D. Stearns Eichbaum from their residence, 31st North Vine Street at 2 o’clock today (Sunday) November 9. Divine service by the Rev. W. H. Bayliss.

November 11, 1856
Death – Mrs. Hannahretta Norvell (See copy on page 91)

December 9, 1856
Died on the eve of 7th inst of scarlett fever, Susan Fuller, infant daughter of Irby and Julia Morgan.

December 14, 1856
Died in this city on Friday evening, the 12th inst., William E. West, Jr., son of John B. West, aged 37 years.


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