Old – Section and ID Maps

Resource Maps for the Nashville City Cemetery

There are two maps available to assist in finding the gravesite you are researching. 

In 2002, Susan Finger, MTSU Geosciences graduate student, completed a numbering system for all tombstones in the City Cemetery. Each tombstone was assigned an ID number. In 2005, Metro Historical Commission (MHC) contracted with Hart Freeland Roberts, Engineers, to draft plats showing the precise location of tombstones and additional permanent cemetery features, such as stone curbs & fences. Fred Zahn, MHC staff member, merged the numbering system with the Hart Freeland Roberts plats and created the City Cemetery Survey Maps 2005.  The maps are designed in layers to show landscaping and other features that have been hidden in this graphic to allow clearer access to the ID numbers.
2005 Map

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Plaque on Cover of Bound Book at
Metro Archives

“Nashville City Cemetery
Board of Park Commissioners
F. P. McWhirter, Chairman
M. T. Bryan, E. C. Lewis, R. M. Dudley
Benj. Lindauer, John S. Lewis, Secretary

1909 Alphabetical List of the Dead
1908 Plat Map of Sections and Lots”

Provided courtesy of Metropoiltan Archives

1908 Map

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Mapproduced in 1908 with names of those
interred up to that time

CLICK HERE to view photo of original 1908 map
in the collection of the
Metropolitan Archives

Also visit 1909 Alphabetical List of Dead in City Cemetery.