Wilkins Tannehill – Tombstone Inscriptions

Tannehill, Wilkins

Section 28.52

ID # 280083


Nashville Whig
March 8, 1820
Hugh Roland, Architect of Masonic Hall
Endorsed: Wilkins Tannehill & Duncan Robertson


The subscriber has removed his family to this country, and fixed his residence in Nashville, where he offers his services to design and execute Public and Private Buildings. Gentlemen in the country can be furnished with Ground Plans and Elevations, by sending the size of the intended building.

Opposite the Presbyterian Church.

N. B. H. R. will execute in the country, or furnish Drafts on a large scale for the Carpenter.

We are acquainted with H. Roland as Architect of the Masonic Hall, and are of opinion he is adequate to any business in this line.


January 19, 1820. – tf


Hand-Written Edits in This Booklet by Tannehill Descendants

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Book written by Octavia Zollicoffer Bond on the Tannehill Family

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