Colonel John Tipton – Tombstone Inscriptions

Tipton, John, Colonel

Section 28.51

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Narrative of John Tipton Jr.

Colonel John Tipton, Jr., born April 21, 1767, at Frederick County, Virginia. He was the seventh son of Col. John and Mary Butler Tipton. He married Elizabeth Snapp, daughter of Lawrence Snapp of Shenandoah County, Virginia, on October 28, 1791 and divided his time between Virginia and Tennessee He moved to Washington County at the death of his father, John Tipton, Sr. in 1813. Col. Tipton had a long career as a Tennessee legislator. While serving in the 19th General Assembly, he died, at age 64, in Nashville.

The State honored him with a funeral procession to his gravesite in the Nashville City Cemetery. His death and the monument resolution were reported in the National Banner & Nashville Whig newspaper for October 12th and November 30th, 1831. A monument to honor Col. John Tipton was erected in the Nashville City Cemetery by Order of the 19th General Assembly of Tennessee. By the 1890’s, the monument had deteriorated. The 49th General Assembly ordered the original replaced with a grand monument dedicated to the services made by Colonel John Tipton to his State and Nation. The monument inscription describes a life of service and a man “bold in conception and fearless in execution.”

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