10,000 Records

Civil War Interments

A researcher combing files in the National Archives discovered these long-lost Tennessee records, and the TSLA contracted with the National Archives to create a copy


Nashville City Cemetery Donate Support the Nashville City Cemetery Opened in 1822, the City Cemetery is the oldest continuously operated public cemetery in Nashville. A walk


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October Lantern Tours

Join us for our most popular tours of the year. Evening lantern tours of City Cemetery. Lantern tours are only offered during the month of

NCCA 200th Anniversary

We are looking for vendors who specialize in crafts made during the late 18th century (1700s) to early 20th century (1900s). If you or someone you know makes these crafts, we would be happy to have you out!

Restoration History

Nashville City Cemetery Restoration History Learn More Restoration work at the Nashville City Cemetery was under the supervision of Fred Zahn, Metro Historical Commission. The


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Nashville City Cemetery Sextons Learn More 10,000 Records Sextons & Years of Service 1822 – 1846 Alpha Kingsley1847 – 1848 Smith Criddle1849 – 1854 Benjamin