Dr. John Shelby – Tombstone Inscription


Shelby, Dr. John
Section 27
ID # 270060Stone Mausoleum with Inscription
Lot 27. Located at corner at Pine

The Family Vault
Doctor John Shelby
A.D. 1855

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On Shelby Lot, Pine Ave.
8-11-1854 Barrow, Mrs. Margaret
8-7-1855 Infant of Jno.S. Barrow
Note: Later possibly moved within vault

In Dr. Shelby’s Vault
8-10-1856 Infant of James Haslum
10-8-1856 Infant of Samuel Haslum
10-26-1856 Infant of Alex. Barrow
9-20-1857 Crocker, A., Mrs.
2-21-1858 Haslum, Samuel
4-1-1858 Infant of P.G. McMurry
9-3-1858 Young, Mark
5-16-1859 Shelby, John, Dr.
7-13-1859 Infant of Shelby Williams
8-4-1865 Fassman, F. B.[sic]
Note: Anna, wife of F. B. Fassman
10-24-1866 Barrower [sic], Gen. Washington
4-10-1867 Williams, D.
8-18-1878 Williams, John Shelby
7-3-1893 Phelan, Priscilla, Mrs.

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OBITUARIES on City Cemetery website
Mrs. Margaret Barrow 8-18-1854
Mrs. A. Crocker [Crooker] 9-20-1857
Samuel Haslum 2-16-1858
Dr. John Shelby 5-17-1859
Anna (Mrs. F.B.) Fassman 8-4-1865
Gen. Washington Barrow 10-21-1866

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Biography for Dr. John Shelby

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